Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Trilogies End. But Sometimes the Author will Revisit it in a Short Story

Life, spelled out in a name, is the official - 'what happens after The Judas Syndrome Trilogy' has been told - story.

Spoiler Alert

It’s a difficult thing to leave a trilogy alone. Some readers want to be left to ponder the character’s prospects, while others want more! This is how I imagine Fan-Fiction took off. In this story Poeltl offer a brief yet surprising look into the events following Revelation; the third book in the wildly popular post-apocalyptic trilogy; The Judas Syndrome

This short story stars the only character to have endured all three books – at least in Poeltl's versions – and one of the strongest characters he's ever written. Left with a small band of survivors, Sara contemplates her past, while hoping to prevent a future which has taken her completely by surprise. 

Her son; dead and gone, and his father long dead, Sara contemplates her own mortality and what purpose she could serve in this aftermath. Upon pondering these hard questions, she is alerted that her son's friend and prodigy; Daniel, may be in trouble as he carries on Leif's teachings to the survivor's of Earl's vicious attack on their base. Homeless and hopeless, these newly displaced refugees could be capable of anything, including placing blame on her son and surviving disciples.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Not every story is meant to be a novel - read a Short Story.

Not every story is meant to be a novel, and with so many stories circling an author’s head at any given time, a short story is sometimes the best format in which to package it. Bang for your buck! Condensed story-telling.

This collection of shorts and flash fiction features fourteen multi-genre stories offering the reader a range of opportunities to slip away while on their commute, a day at the beach, or their lunch break. Short stories offer real-time entertainment in a world that demands instant gratification.

Waning Metaphorically is intended to excite the reader’s emotions and asks them to question, always. The stories within should inspire introspection on a number of topics and leave the reader more curious about their own points of view while, at times, agreeing with the authors.

It is recommended the stories are read in the order they are presented, but then, order is just another’s perception of how things ought to be.

Life is a Metaphor. A metaphor is a symbol. A symbol is a sign. Watch for the signs.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Book trailers act just like movie trailers, only for books!

I like book trailers for their ability to offer short visuals with enough information and story-telling to give the viewer a reason to go pick up the book.

I don't necessarily want the trailer to give away too much, especially where the characters and settings are concerned, as I like to conjure those images up on the merit of the writing. In this, my most recent book trailer, I decided to offer each title of the fourteen short stories included within the anthology in a unique, whimsical, yet memorable way.

This is my first time appearing in one of my book trailers. I like how it turned out, and how approachable it makes me seem. And I am approachable! Especially where my books are concerned. I know I like to learn about the author of a book i'm about to read. Being featured in the book's trailer gives the reader a better idea of, if nothing else, the number of facial expressions I'm capable of.

I hope you enjoy the trailer for its whimsy, and pick up the book for its content. Fourteen multi-genre stories await your instant gratification. For even more on me, the author, you can check out my website:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Books are an adventure! Short Stories offer more!

Where will your book take you?  Novels are great, but a collection of short stories can put you in danger, insane, in love, the far future, the past, exotic locals, behind the eight ball and everywhere in between within minutes. A multi-genre collection like Waning Metaphorically does just that.

A short or flash fiction story is designed to take you out of your head and into someone else's for a brief, yet intense trip into their lives. The short story covers every genre and topic, only condensed for a trip that is perfect for your break or commute. There is little commitment necessary, as a short is usually completed in one sitting. So take it with you, on your Kindle or in paperback. The perfect accessory for virtually any situation. Waiting room at the Doctor's office? That's a short story! Bus ride from point A to B? There's a short story! Train into work? There's a short story for that! Camping? Relaxing while the baby is down? Need an hour to yourself at the pub? An afternoon while the kids are away? Short story, short story, short story... you get my meaning.
So don't say you have no time to read when your friends are telling you about another novel they can't put down. Pick up a collection of shorts. Show them your sophisticated side. Hey, short stories won the Nobel last year... look who's reading now!