Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where can a writer get the best bang for their FREE buck in marketing themselves?

Looking for a free option for marketing yourself as a writer? The best idea I've heard of with actual results  is joining a fan fiction site or two. You pick your favorite (or most popular) tv show or book series and start writing fiction based on those characters.

There are literally thousands of ready made fans at your fingertips salivating to read something fresh based on the characters and world(s) they've grown to love.

A friend of mine who is an accomplished writer went under a pen name and did exactly this. She ended up being approached by the head writer of the tv show she was basing her fan fiction on and given a job based on the responses she'd received from the fan site.

You could even create a fan fiction thread about one of your own books or series and continue writing in the forums to drum up interest in your books. There is a wide variety of 'worlds' which exist in these fan fiction sites and no limit to where you can take characters.

Something for every writer with the time to market themselves to think about.

http://www.fanfiction.net/ is a great example of this.
Happy Marketing!

Michael Poeltl

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Novel free promo for Amazon Kindle June 14-16

The newest novel from Michael Poeltl, Her Past's Present, is being offered for free as a promotional  pre-launch of the print version. The kindle version is being offered free June 14-16th and Poeltl only asks that those who download his new book offer a star rating and or review in order to get the ball rolling. Word of mouth and social networking is all appreciated in getting the word out.
For more on the novel itself visit www.mikepoeltl.com. To download the free version of the ebook visit  Amazon
Michael Poeltl

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Malthus and Dan Browns foray into apocalyptic fiction

Have you read Dan Brown's newest novel? Apocalyptic.

Even the big boys are taking their shot at the apocalypse. Inferno, by Dan Brown follows his formula pretty closely throughout, but what was exciting to parallel as I read it was that Brown's apocalyptic vision shares the same vision of that in The Judas Syndrome.

Perhaps you remember Earl's talk around the campfire, in The Judas Syndrome, quoting Malthus and his prediction that the human race would kill itself off? Earl envisioned either a third world war, plague or simply overpopulation as the end we can expect. War would purge the planet of many billions if it were nuclear, a plague can go on and on if  no cure is found, but the most likely and perhaps unexpected end to out legacy on this planet is the Malthusian theory of simply outgrowing our ability to feed ourselves.

Brown's Inferno plays out one of the three possible ends Earl spoke of in The Judas Syndrome, The person or organization coined The Grim Reaper, in The Judas Syndrome, unleashes a devastating nuclear holocaust upon the word to control population. Pick up Dan Brown's Inferno to see how he decides to kill us off.

For more on The Judas Syndrome

Michael Poeltl