Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enclave by Ann Aguirre - Reviewed

This novel finds the reader in the bowels of old New York, living in the tunnels of the ancient subway system. It’s an interesting and well documented example of what might happen to those left to fend for themselves in a city whose social and political construct has collapsed due to a violent strain of some virus.

These bunkers served as escapes from the virus but not from the ‘freaks’ who roam the same tunnels. Disfigured humanoids whose conception isn’t expanded on in this first book of a series, are reminiscent of zombies, dumb, hungry but with claws for fingernails.

Happily the story moves to the surface where we meet new characters and embark on an adventure that takes the two main characters through a mostly abandoned city on a journey north, where a fabled new city might exist.

The way the female lead, Deuce, discovers this new world where the sun is a threat and the wide open spaces, claustrophobic, is a testament to the way the author is able to capture the character’s innocence.  Lu expertly explains Deuce’s apprehension upon discovering anything could be so different from the darkness she’d grown up in.

I will be looking for book two of the series, as I found myself wanting as book one came to an end.
Michael Poeltl

Legend by Marie Lu - Reviewed

I was a little apprehensive going into this book. It felt like I was going to be reading The Hunger games again, but as I got a few chapters in, I realized it was very a different story, and very well put together.

The action was constant after the initial character development, and the relationship between the main characters was cleverly crafted. I could tell where the story was going with the main characters before it happened, but that only made me like the book more.

The deeper story, the conspiracies, are what really made the book for me and I eagerly await the second of the series

Michael Poeltl

Monday, March 12, 2012

The official cane of the apocalypse

I have seen the future, and it goes by the name: Hammercane.

If the buzz is right, and the apocalypse is upon us, or not, commemorate 2012 with the official cane of the end times. These handcrafted, hardcore, downright badass accessories will no doubt find themselves in the hands of many a survivor, should we find ourselves in social upheaval because of a predestined end.

I'm certainly not advocating you buy a Hammercane for the purposes of bludgeoning your enemy, you could do that with a hammer, but will you look as badass doing it?

The Hammercane was conceived by the unconventional mind of Scott Given, an Ontario native living and working out of his home in Southern Ontario.

Given has been experimenting in metal art for years after his graduation from the Ontario College of Art and Design. I personally have in my own collection a piece of his ‘shotgun’ art.

But I think he’s landed on something with Hammercane that will become a trending topic across multiple social media networks and explode onto the scene not unlike the axe art of Peter Buchanan Smith of Best made Co.

These marvelous canes can come in a variety of hammer heads, even incorporating a favorite grandfathers antique hammer head if you’re so inclined.  As Given says: “The Hammercane is only limited by your imagination (And his, which seems boundless!).”

The twisted chain shaft is now a signature piece in Given’s collection and selling fast. These canes are like a metal work installation you get to carry around on your person. Unlike other artistic ventures, the Hammercane can be personalized, inscribed, and made to suit varying heights and weights.

The Hammercane is Apocalypse Art in the truest sense. I’m getting one and I urge you all do the same. Your life, and your family’s lives might … just… depend on it!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Amazon's So you'd like to... read apocalyptic fiction guide

I've begun creating a guide via Amazon's 'So you'd like to..." app and have listed a number of current post-apocalyptic/dystopian novels. I will comnitnue to add to this list to help those interested in the genres to navigate through the massive amount of apocalyptic novels that are available.

To view the list visit

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rebirth, book two of The Judas Syndrome as reviewed by Pretty Bellflower

"I was glad to see a main character that was also a strong female ... I loved that a reviewer said it didn't turn into a "post-bomb chick lit"

"Sequels are typically when a series start to go downhill. I'm glad this series avoided that."

4 out of 5 stars.

For more on  Pretty Bellflower's review of book two of the post-apocalyptic series see:

Book Three of The Judas Syndrome trilogy is now available

The dystopian landscape of The Judas Syndrome
finds hope in the second generation born into the
aftermath of an Apocalyptic event.

Born into the violent chaos of post-apocalyptic North America, eighteen-year-old Leif has been told his entire life that he has a crucial role to play in humanity's future. To achieve that end, he must elevate himself above all normal human sentiment, as attachment and fear are obstacles to his greater purpose.

Despite rigorous guidance from his guardian angel, Leif finds love when a beautiful young wanderer enters his life. And when a dangerous enemy from his mother’s past rises up to seize power in the post-bomb chaos, he experiences fear, and questions his fitness for his destiny.

Can Leif be a human being as well as a predestined hero? Or will he fail as his father did, and usher in another period of darkness?

Full of answers, action, romance, and tragedy, Revelation reveals the dark clouds that lie behind every silver-lined gift.

As a soft cover copy
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As an e-book
Kindle (Amazon)

Reviews are appreciated on the Amazon page. If you prefer to buy your soft cover from Amazon, a link will be available in two weeks.