Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zvi Zaks reviews, Rebirth, book two of The Judas Syndrome

A Phoenix arises.

REBIRTH is Michel Poeltl's second book in THE JUDAS SYNDROME trilogy. The author has been careful to give enough back-story to make it understandable by itself, but is best read after the first in the series. That way, one gets a vivid picture of the transformation undergone by the characters—from carefree teens on a pre-college camping trip to survivalist adults in a post nuclear-holocaust world, with extremes ranging from, Sara, now a fiercely protective mother, to Earl, degenerating into a Hitlerian rage. The growth of Leif, the son of Sara and Joel, is another major theme. Leif is destined for greatness, but how and in what direction is not yet clear.

The supernatural themes lightly touched on in the first book have become prominent and are well woven into the story.

This is not a sunny and cheerful tale. The basic premise of a world devastated by atomic weapons triggered by terrorists, is all too possible. Like most apocalyptic literature, the story is in many places dreary and depressing. However, a clear thread of hope runs through REBIRTH, and the ending, like that in Star Wars, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, would suggest there is more to come even if you didn't know it was a trilogy. - Zvi Zaks

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goodreads giveaway of book two of The Judas Syndrome series of dark fiction

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

WInner for the autopgraphed verion of The Judas Syndrome

After a grueling contest, involving 1031 potential winners, Carlene, a goodreads member from New York won the free autographed version of Michael Poeltl's, The Judas Syndrome.

The contest ran from Feb 24-Mar 12, 2011 and 1 copy was made available by the author.

Poeltl hopes to have brought the book and the series to the attention of the goodreads membership via this contest. Thanks to for the opportunity!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New review from Author Zvi Zaks of Michael Poeltl's The Judas Syndrome - Book one

The Judas Syndrome - A cominng of age tale, told at the end of an age.

"The author has a clear and lucid style that takes the reader from one vivid situation to another." By Zvi Zaks author of IMPLAC and A Virtual Affair

The Judas Syndrome starts with a group of young adults on a camping trip before school. A cloud hangs over the trip, namely a terrorist's threat of a nuclear holocaust. The trip itself gives the reader a chance to know these youths and how they react under normal circumstances. When they return, they find that the terrorists have struck, their homes and families are destroyed, and the world is in chaos.

How they respond makes up the bulk of the story. They must contend with poisonous rain, lack of power, unplanned pregnancy, marauders, religious fanatics, drug addiction and -- perhaps worst of all -- their own inner demons.

The author has a clear and lucid style that takes the reader from one vivid situation to another. The story is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies but without adults rescuing them at the end. What does happen at the end surprised me, though I admit the author had left several clues.

By Zvi Zaks author of IMPLAC and A Virtual Affair

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Read an ebook month. March!

Michael Poeltl is supporting "Read an ebook week" via Smashwords during the month of March. The first of his series - The Judas Syndrome - is free, and the second, 50% until March 12th!
The first two of the series are available now, with the third slated for a late 2011/early 2012 release date.