Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PIck up where you left off with REBIRTH, the 2nd book in The Judas Syndrome Trilogy


Although Mike Poeltl never intended for The Judas Syndrome to be the first of a series, he caved in to reader demand in the spring of 2010 and began working on Rebirth, a continuation of the popular post-apocalyptic tale that one Facebook reviewer called “a stark and uncompromising vision of the future of our world.”

Narrated by Joel’s girlfriend Sara, Rebirth is a story of survival, betrayal, and hope. After giving birth to their son, whose evident purpose is to fulfill the destiny that Joel had forsaken, Sara realizes that her home is no longer a haven.

Menaced by a power-obsessed Earl and frightened by the deterioration of a once-tight group of comrades, she flees north- into a nihilistic world inhabited by dangerous nomads, new friends, and old enemies.

Early reviewers have commented that Rebirth, while a sequel, is a powerful story in its own right. Poeltl has confirmed that a third book, as of yet untitled, will complete the Judas Syndrome trilogy.

“The series will chronicle the struggles and sacrifices of two generations of post-Apocalypse survivors,” he said recently. “The sins of the father (Joel) fall upon his son and Sara both. The question is- will the legacy he left them ensure their survival or their doom?”

If you haven't yet read The Judas Syndrome, order it here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

More reviews of post apocalyptic fiction

Review by Roger Luton:

As one not prone to read apocalypic prose, The Judas Sydrome has made me a believer in the genre.

Michael's insight into human nature under pressure and uncertainty is a textbook on human behaviour and interdependancy. His comparison of the world outside and the world of the mind is spellbinding and the question throughout is ,which wi...ll collapse first.

The characters are strong and interesting. The action is non stop with unexpected twists and turns leaving one guessing at what might happen next. But your guess would be wrong. Michaels juxtaposition of good and evil is stark not only as it plays out on the physical landscape but more interesting on the landscape of the human mind.

The use of omenous apparitions adds great flavour to the plot and intriguingly blurs the line between fact and fantasy. The reader is constantly questioning, as are the characters, what these apparitions are, what power they have, and what part they will play in the groups ultimate triumph or demise.

Truly a rollercoaster ride of emotion, action, introspection and mystey, a ride I am glad I waited in line for. I am already queing up for the next book. Hold onto your hat!

For more visit the website or the facebook fan page or Goodreads.com

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Apocalyptic mindset of todays population.

As a rule we pick up on what is hot or popular in entertainment, and enjoying a renaissance since the 50's and 60'sis apocalyptic fiction. We see it in all forms of entertainment, Movies, Books , games and music now more than ever before.

There has always existed the dark places in our minds, and what darker, more horrifying vision than that of our everyday being taken violently from us through some global catastrophe? It plays on the public consciousness and has seeped out into our most celebrated escapes, that being entertainment.

There will always be wars, famine and hate in the world. This is a constant, but what horrors await us when each of us is forced to survive in a world unfamiliar?