Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Nostradamus Effect - History Channel

Of the last three episodes I've seen, I like it. It's dark and brooding and last nights episode tackled the 2012 dilemma. They offered supporting prophesy from the I-Ching and a couple of pot heads from the 70's that would get messed up and see the future.
Other than that they used the Maya long count calender (as they all do) and the Hopi Indian prophesies of the end of the fourth world (in which we currently exist) and of course our old friend Nostradamus.
It's all starting to really blur together now though, all these 2012 (End of the World) shows. Same 'experts' and the same prophesies. I'd love it if a show actually gave us something new to think about. Or how about something positive? Does the world need to end badly? Couldn't the end mean the beginning of something wonderful? I mean, the world's always been a tough - if not horrible place to live for the majority of the populace. Maybe the end of that would be a good thing... So maybe it will be a good thing?
Either way, it seems even the Internet 'bots' are saying bad things will happen in 2012. Well, bad things happen every year, but so do good things.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

It's the End of the World... Do you know where your children are?

The world you knew is gone. You are gone. As a parent you worried briefly about your teenage child who had gone on a camping trip amidst a global threat. The threat realized, dozens of nuclear missiles unleashed upon the planet, your child returns home from a remote setting in the north woodlands with their friends to find you gone, and the majority of their small town burning.
The city, 150 miles to the south is all but a smoking hole in the ground and the surrounding boroughs, villages and towns that stretch north for hundreds of miles are radioactive and smoldering. Survivors roam the streets, fighting each other for food and supplies.
Your child and their friends find shelter in a house just outside the town limits. A safe house, powered by a generator, with its own water well.
14 of them, fresh out of high school, with dreams of college in the fall. These children, your child is forced to survive the unnatural effects of a nuclear fallout and winter. What horrors will they encounter? What trials will they be forced to endure? What hope will they find in a world that has all but disappeared?

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Monday, January 11, 2010

2012, the movie - sucked

Wow, I finally saw the movie, 2012 and was so unimpressed...
The story was awful, and horribly acted. The acting was truely that of a blockbuster. Garbage.
The story was weak, weak, weak, also a side effect of a supposed blockbuster.

As someone who follows the genre, I have to say this was not made for me. This was made for the masses. It didn't even need to have 2012 in the title, as there was virtually nothing linking the end of the world to the Mayan calender. They used it for its panic inducing ability to draw the crowds.

A massively disappointing movie with some cool effects. Glad I didn't pay the big bucks to see it in the theatre.

Wood Harrelson, he was funny, I guess the comic relief in an otherwise dismal story line.

I can't take away stars from a movie, but if I had to give it something out of 100 stars, it would sit at 1.


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