Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hunger, by Knut Hamsun. A review

Hunger, by Knut Hamsun. Review. By Michael Poeltl

This was a troubling tale of struggle, poverty and homelessness as seen through the eyes of a writer caught up in a depression. An excellent read.
It resonated with me because the writing is very similar to my own. It takes a first person telling, which offers deep insight into the protagonists state of mind.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Realms of imagination author Steven Lake

The Realms of Imagination offers a myriad of sci-fi books written by author Steven Lake.

Steven describes his ideas on writing:

"I'm one who firmly believes in taking what you do best and sharing it with others. In my case that's writing. I do this because I love it, and I do it to share with others. In this case, anyone who reads my books. So grab one of my novels, find a comfy chair, and immerse yourself in the worlds these books bring to you...
... you can now find me on the social web at Twitter, Facebook, LibraryThing and Goodreads!"

Friday, December 17, 2010

Save a tree, pick up Rebirth as an ebook

Pick up the continuing saga of life after the Apocalypse, with Rebirth, the second book in The Judas Syndrome series.

The book is available in every e-reader format on smashwords, and Kindle format on Amazon.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

S.A.D. - Depression and the End Times

Imagine if you suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is a mood disorder that hits those with normal mental health, causing depression at the onset of winter. The days are shorter. You wake up to darkness, and go home in darkness. Those of us that work in-doors are likely not to see the sun for stretches of a week at a time. Symptoms can range from a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, withdrawing from friends, family, and social activities to life ending anxiety. But winter is a tough season. It is cold, grey, and dark. Even those showing no signs of S.A.D. will lock themselves away in-doors, waiting out the season, not venturing out-doors unless it is absolutely necessary.

Now imagine everyone in the world suffered from S.A.D. What kind of a world would that be?

The end of the world offers its that very scenario, trapped inside, while a nuclear winter rages. Seasonal Affective Disorder could hardly represent the angst and horror those (un)lucky few survivors would suffer. Though all of the symptoms would apply, the idea that winter may never pass, that spring would never come, and that the summer months may exist only as a memory allows us to coin a new disorder in light of the end of the world: L.A.D. - Life Affective Disorder

Life Affective Disorder would encompass all of the aforementioned symptoms, one hundred fold. Thoughts of suicide would play out on the most resolute of individuals. Those left to exist in this nightmarish realm alone would almost certainly parish by their own hand. The (un)lucky few trapped with friends or family would fare much better, but for how long? With no end in sight, and no ability to forecast an end to this dark winter, L.A.D. would be rampant in every corner of the world a survivor, or group of survivors were found. The simple comforts we’d taken for granted gone, electricity, heat, clean water and food, depression would run rampant through the population.

Currently there are many different treatments for seasonal affective disorder, including light therapy: where the sufferer is exposed to false sunlight, antidepressants: which can artificially alter your mood, cognitive-behavioral therapy: where the patient is taught to think differently about a situation to alter their mood, and hormone therapy: where melatonin is released into the system.

To see the full S.A.D/L.A.D. article visit the website

Article Written by Michael Poeltl, Author and Expert on Post-Apocalyptic scenarios.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review of The Passage, by Cronin

The Passage shares many aspects of The Judas Syndrome , for example; main character development prior to its explanation of how the end comes, and its use of multiple characters. The end having come from a plague rather than a nuclear holocaust allowed the planet to better sustain survivors in The Passage, offering an easier "afterlife" than the demoralized planet The Judas Syndrome left its surviving population.

That being said, both surviving communities were forced to push back attacking parties, in The Passage it was the infected humans bent on sucking the blood from their human counterparts, whereas in The Judas Syndrome those that survived were left to fight one another for what remaining resources there was left.

Both books offer up the intense anxiety survivors would experience after an Apocalypse of some design occurred, but the anxiety The Judas Syndrome creates is immediate whereas The Passage jumps ahead 100 years after the virals have already decimated the population. This broke up the anxiety (and the story) for me, and left me feeling like one book had ended while another was starting. Not a bad thing, but an interruption into a world I was just getting comfortable with.

All the same, The Passage was a good read with interesting characters, telling a story of survival and sorrow. If you enjoyed The Passage, then you will enjoy The Judas Syndrome also. If you enjoyed The Passage, then you will enjoy The Judas Syndrome

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Excerpts from the 2nd novel in The Judas Syndrome series

Rebirth, the second book in the popular Apocalyptic fiction series, The Judas Syndrome, is now available exclusively through the author's website. Pick up where you left off, but before you do, read two excerpts from Rebirth - found here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Writer/Author of 2010

Michael Poeltl was voted Best Writer/Author for 2010 in October by The View Magazine: A weekly alternative newspaper serving the cities of Hamilton, Burlington and the Golden horseshoe region, reaching over 1 million potential voters/viewers.

Poeltl was voted Best Author based on his Young Adult/Apocalyptic Fiction novel (which has spawned a series) The Judas Syndrome.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PIck up where you left off with REBIRTH, the 2nd book in The Judas Syndrome Trilogy


Although Mike Poeltl never intended for The Judas Syndrome to be the first of a series, he caved in to reader demand in the spring of 2010 and began working on Rebirth, a continuation of the popular post-apocalyptic tale that one Facebook reviewer called “a stark and uncompromising vision of the future of our world.”

Narrated by Joel’s girlfriend Sara, Rebirth is a story of survival, betrayal, and hope. After giving birth to their son, whose evident purpose is to fulfill the destiny that Joel had forsaken, Sara realizes that her home is no longer a haven.

Menaced by a power-obsessed Earl and frightened by the deterioration of a once-tight group of comrades, she flees north- into a nihilistic world inhabited by dangerous nomads, new friends, and old enemies.

Early reviewers have commented that Rebirth, while a sequel, is a powerful story in its own right. Poeltl has confirmed that a third book, as of yet untitled, will complete the Judas Syndrome trilogy.

“The series will chronicle the struggles and sacrifices of two generations of post-Apocalypse survivors,” he said recently. “The sins of the father (Joel) fall upon his son and Sara both. The question is- will the legacy he left them ensure their survival or their doom?”

If you haven't yet read The Judas Syndrome, order it here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

More reviews of post apocalyptic fiction

Review by Roger Luton:

As one not prone to read apocalypic prose, The Judas Sydrome has made me a believer in the genre.

Michael's insight into human nature under pressure and uncertainty is a textbook on human behaviour and interdependancy. His comparison of the world outside and the world of the mind is spellbinding and the question throughout is ,which wi...ll collapse first.

The characters are strong and interesting. The action is non stop with unexpected twists and turns leaving one guessing at what might happen next. But your guess would be wrong. Michaels juxtaposition of good and evil is stark not only as it plays out on the physical landscape but more interesting on the landscape of the human mind.

The use of omenous apparitions adds great flavour to the plot and intriguingly blurs the line between fact and fantasy. The reader is constantly questioning, as are the characters, what these apparitions are, what power they have, and what part they will play in the groups ultimate triumph or demise.

Truly a rollercoaster ride of emotion, action, introspection and mystey, a ride I am glad I waited in line for. I am already queing up for the next book. Hold onto your hat!

For more visit the website or the facebook fan page or

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Apocalyptic mindset of todays population.

As a rule we pick up on what is hot or popular in entertainment, and enjoying a renaissance since the 50's and 60'sis apocalyptic fiction. We see it in all forms of entertainment, Movies, Books , games and music now more than ever before.

There has always existed the dark places in our minds, and what darker, more horrifying vision than that of our everyday being taken violently from us through some global catastrophe? It plays on the public consciousness and has seeped out into our most celebrated escapes, that being entertainment.

There will always be wars, famine and hate in the world. This is a constant, but what horrors await us when each of us is forced to survive in a world unfamiliar?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Character Sketches of The Judas Syndrome Cast


18 years old. 5'10", muscled upper body, and seemingly always sporting a tan, Conner is Joel’s best friend and Joel his. Athletically inclined, he would participate in school sports merely to pass the time and be granted excuses for leaving math or history class, frustrating his coaches who only saw potential in him as an athlete.

Conner does his best to be seen as someone who is down to earth. It's a quality that he'd always admired in his older brother but found he had to work at. Conner 'suffers' from a sixth sense type ability that makes it difficult to always seem accessible or approachable. He will find himself stuck in a moment, a déjà-vu, and in working through it he allows the déjà-vu to show him a future state.

He believes he obtained this ability from his grandmother on his mother’s side. He remembers stories; even premonitions she'd revealed to him and witnessed come to pass.

Conner gets that he's different but in getting that, he goes out of his way to be normal. Graduating high school is about as far as he wants to take his classroom education. Travel would compete with college in the fall and travel won out.
He is in no way ashamed of his lack in interest in furthering his education in such things as literature, history and science in the classroom. The world would teach him what he needed to know and feed his independence.

Earthy and tough, Conner ‘s character is a perfect complement to Joel’s, both friends realizing that upon their first meeting in the sandbox.


18 years old at the beginning of The Judas Syndrome, Sara is the 'it' girl at her highschool. Beautiful, smart, athletic and engaging. Her populatrity was assured, but popularity does not impress Sara, determination and purpose impress and drive her. Her choice of a best friend in Julia, a specticled overacheiving book club type, pretty in an unorthadox way, gives us an idea of her value in popularity.

She is blessed with perfect features, a main of thick shiny brown hair and the body of a cheerleader. Standing at 5'8", Sara is taller than most of her girlfirends, but in no way uncomfortablein her own skin. The majority of her highschool career Sara dates a volleyball player and though he was driven, it proved not enough for her as she yearned for more intellectual stimulation.

Sara is a family oriented person who never complains about taking family vacations or trips to the beach with her mom and dad. She chererishes her time with them. That being said, she is a teenager and happily splits from the family unit when a party or other social event involving her friends comes up. She endulges in all the illegal fun her popular friend base enjoys, but rarely to excess.

Sara is a confident girl, secure in her choices and thoughful of her actions. She believes in Karma and is mindful of her spiritual nature. Raised in the Luthern faith, Sara was baptised as a baby, confirmed as a young teenager and has carried the Christian teachings close to her heart. She believes in God, but accepts that she is human and so imperfect.

Sara heads up the cast of Rebirth , telling her story in 1st person, advancing the story from its tragic beginings with The Judas Syndrome.

For more Character sketches of The Judas Syndrome cast visit the website

Friday, August 27, 2010

Movies featuring the apocalypose

Can anyone help me compile a more complete list of apocalyptic movies, books and Television?

2012 (Movie) Nine (movie-annimated) Resident Evil Extinction (Film) Children of Men (Film) Heroes (T.V.) The Road (Book/Movie) Jericho (T.V) The day after tomorrow (Movie) Armageddon (Movie) Left Behind (Book/T.V.) The Postman (Book/Movie) The Stand (Book/Mini Series) Mad Max/Road Warrior (Films) I am Legend (Film) 12 Monkeys (Film) 28 Days/Weeks later (Films)


The Judas Syndrome (Book 2009/Film 2012)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New website for The Judas Syndrome series

With the new look of The Judas Syndrome comes a new website to introduce the series of apocalyptic fiction for teens and adults alike.

The teenage characters that have found themselves at the end of an age struggle into adulthood prematurely as they fight to survive in a a dying world.

Vsit the new website for video trailers, character sketches, maps and more.
Read about the second installment of The Judas Syndrome series, Rebirth, and when it will be available for purchase.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Character sketch of Joel, The Judas Syndrome's main character

18 years old. Lean muscular build. Dirty blonde hair frames his handsome face as though worked into place. His style mirrors a favorite band, unkempt, with clean lines. Outwardly his mood reflects that of his deceased father, calm. But this calm he recognizes as little more than a mirage, his mother’s anxious nature prevalent in the back of his mind. A quiet intelligence radiates from him, he wins friends easily with little effort, a skill or trait not learned but rather something he’d been born with. He couldn’t recall a time where he made the first gesture of friendship. It went that way with girls as well. Joel had been single a total of 6 months throughout his high school career.

He finds himself the center of attention in many situations, not the least of which is making choices for his friends. He’d rather be the one making the decisions than following someone else’s anyways, and if his decisions and opinions could be projected onto his friends favorably, what’s the harm.

Joel is a compassionate person, focusing mainly on those who seemingly cannot help themselves. He feels a responsibility toward them, to help them, protect them, and is likely one of the reasons people are drawn to him.

His weakness is his mind. Anxiety overwhelms him, the physical stress of it at times paralyzing him. It comes without warning , his pulse quickens, pins and needles attack his extremities, the numbness in his face and the frightening certainty that death lurks around the corner. Though undiagnosed he fears the worst. He is very aware of this flaw in himself, and manages it as best he can, alone.

Though this dark secret he carries plagues him regularly, he keeps it from his mother, not to worry her, keeps it from his doctor and friends and buries it deep within himself, controlling the outbursts by self medicating with drugs and alcohol. Careful not to become dependent on the lifestyle, he practices deep breathing and daydreaming to calm the symptoms.

Regardless of the loss of his father and his anxiety disorder, Joel is a remarkably active and vibrant person, enjoying life as it comes and where it lulls, making something from nothing. He has never allowed his dark side to completely overwhelm his life, his motto, ‘shit happens, when you get a lemon, make lemonade.’ It has served him well through his high school career and he is ever hopeful it will serve him well into adulthood.

Watch for more character sketches of the other characters in as they are released

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More reviews for The Judas Syndrome

Todd Dowd
"5 Stars out of 5"
A group of teens move from their camping trip back to their homes and find all that they thought they knew ravaged and dead, forcing them to adapt. I thought The Judas Syndrome paralleled the exit from Eden and the loss of innocence.

The author paints very believable, and unwelcome world.

I rate the book five stars, as I felt that no way did the author fail to create an unique, original, and enjoyable work.

Stacy Maskell

"4 Stars out of 5"
Well, when the book began, I was unsure - I didn't "feel" it like I had hoped, but as the story developed, the struggles of the characters and weight on Joel's shoulders became more than apparrent, and as the book was coming to a close, I didn't want it to end, yet I adored the ending, I read it 3 times. Great job Michael, it did capture and hold my attention and I couldn't put it down.

Melissa Anne Stoutenburg

"5 Stars out of 5"
This book not only had me thinking outside of reading it, but in my dreams as well. I never thought a book could have such a big impact on my mind. The plot kept me wanting to read on, was interesting and never bored me. If all else fails go to the forest...

For more reviews on this suspenseful and dark novel visit the facebook Fanpage

More reviews for the most original telling of the coming Apocalypse

Brad Larsen

"5 Stars out of 5"
This is an incredible jorney ,from being to end I could not put it down. Really shows you that when you think things are bad there is always that possiblity that it can get worse. Dark and riveting book. Thank you once again for the journey and can not wait for the next one.

Rhonda Fintelman

"5 Stars out of 5"
The Judas Syndrome; a book that brings you on a journey of joy, struggle, darkness and survival. Not knowing if friends are enemies or enemies are friends.

Trust is not something the future can hold for Joel and his surviving friends. Twists and turns in their journey of survival brings them together while pulling them apart.

A great leaving readers to wonder where they would stand in the hierarchy of a surviving group, their reactions to other's authority in desperate situations, and what they could or could not live to endure...

Jason Percy White

"4 Stars out of 5"
The Judas Syndrome is a nice departure from the familiar post-apocalyptic theme of scarcity. The debut novel by Michael Poeltl is rich in its use of excess – from copious amounts of drugs to
gratuitous violence to the emotional highs and lows of the main characters. The book does of good job of exploring the abundance of a ...suddenly depopulated world.

The main character, Joel, leads a gang of high school friends who find themselves among a handful of post-holocaust survivors. At first the friends treat the end of the world as an opportunity to party. They find a massive grow-up, scrounge more liquor then they could ever consume, and try their best to forget the family and life they have lost. However, every now and then reality seeps in, usually in a pot induced, hyper paranoid state, and Poeltl does an excellent job of connecting the reader to the pain and denial the characters are feeling. This is perhaps the book’s strongest achievement.

A post-apocalyptic cult leader antithesis, who is typical genre hyperbole, confronts Joel and his gang roughly half way through the Judas Syndrome. The cult leader is on an Inquisition style mission to root out evil and makes outrageous demands on the school gang.
Naturally Joel refuses to submit to the cult questioning and a surprisingly good fight scene ensues. But, the cult leader is not a significantly developed foil for Joel’s character to battle. The lack of a clear antithesis is the book’s weakness. On one hand, it could be said that Joel is his own worst enemy, or that the cryptical Grimm Reaper – a cyber terrorist who took credit for unleashing the apocalypse is the antithesis. Perhaps the reader will decide for themselves. In any case, The Judas Syndrome is a solid debut novel that is worth the read and I look forward to Poeltl’s next novel.

For more reviews on the coming Apocalypse visit Michael Poeltl's facebook Fan page

Reviews for the Apocalyptic novel - The Judas Syndrome

A sampling of reviews as found on The Judas Syndrome Facebook fanpage

Trevor Lockhart
"4 Stars out of 5"

What happens when the world ends but you don’t? Michael Poeltl’s debut novel “The Judas Syndrome” addresses this question when a group of friends return from a camping trip only to find out that something terrible has happened while they were away. The story focuses on this group of friends who have to come together to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. What ensues is a nightmarish journey into human frailty and betrayal. I found myself aching every time a poor decision resulted in disaster, wishing I could steer the group to back to safety and happiness. It reminded me of McCarthy’s “The Road” and Wyndham’s “The Chrysalids”, although with a greater nihilistic outlook.

Chris Sabel

"4 Stars out of 5" ‎

"The Judas Syndrome" is a stark and uncompromising vision of the future of our world. Considering the never-ending reportage of wars, man-made catastrophes, and natural disasters that have appeared in the news recently, this is the kind of story that seems destined to become only more relevant in the years to come.

Mike Pongracz
"4 Stars out of 5"

‎...a stunning debut novel from Michael Poeltl. A dark, gritty exploration of the razor thin morality line that we as humans walk - especially when faced with extraordinary circumstances. Reading the novel was like watching an autopsy from a first person view; seeing everything that once gave life, exposed, separated, displayed and examined in raw, sometimes unpleasant detail. A fine read!

Jeff Faris

"5 Stars out of 5"

How would you deal with the apocalypse?

Have you ever wondered what you might go through if the rest of the world ended and left you and your friends to fend for yourselves? Mike Poeltl has written an excellent book – the Judas Syndrome gives a fantastic, well-imagined answer. The characters, familiar to everyone and rooted firmly i...n the strengths and weaknesses of human nature, are put through a series of exciting, chilling and though provoking events.

The surprising but entirely believable ending was a big plus. It came as a surprise, but once I thought about it, the logic became inescapable - it HAD to end that way.

Have you read The Judas Syndrome? If so, what was your experience like?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Judas Syndrome - The Movie as directed by Tim Burton

The fictional take on the end of the world as told through the eyes of a teenage survivor will be a movie.
The Judas Syndrome will star Robert Pattinson as the lead character, Joel, and his love interest, Sara will be played by Dakota Fanning .
The Judas Syndrome's supporting cast of characters are as follows: Conner, Joel's best friend will be played by Jacob Kraemer , Earl, the gun touting friend will be played by Daniel Nicholas Patrick Samonas , Conner's love interest will be played by Emma Roberts while Joel's drug addicted friend Jake will be played by Matthew Underwood . Sonny, Joel's muscled buddy will be played by Liam Hemsworth, John will be played by Aaron Perry Johnson while his girlfriend, Caroline is played by Hayden Leslie Panettiere . Kevin, Joel's artistic friend will be played by Brian Vainberg , Seth played by Jake Thomas , Freddy, whose motto is binge and purge will be played by charlie mcdermott . Gils character will be played by John Jacob William Smith . Sidney's character will be played by Corbin Bleu and finally Tom's character will be played by Dean RIchard Collins.
The groups enemy in this Apocalyptic setting will be played by
Johnny Depp , as Gareth.

This Movie, based on the Book The Judas Syndrome by Michael Poeltl is purely a fantasy vision of what the author would like to see the book become on the big screen.
Tim Burtons impressive ability to bring dark stories to life is the foundation to making The Judas Syndrome a truly inspired film. The actors chosen for the roles of the characters are based on the actors prior works, their physical relation to the stories characters and for three of the main characters, their ability to sell tickets.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Road, the movie

Gritty and honest. Not unlike the book. It did cautiously veer from the more disturbing scenes in the book, but probaby had to, to be allowed to run or be rated at all.
It was depressing and sobering. It imagined a similar world I myself imagined while reading the novel by Cormack McCarthy. The difference is in the telling. McCarthy's words were beautiful in describing the world around his characters for all it's horrors. The movie could only offer visuals and hope that they did the authors verse justice.
As true to the book as the movie appeared, I knew it couldn't offer me the experience of living the words.
Good job, but in the end, the book was a better experience.

For another excellent Apocalyptic fix, read The Judas Syndrome

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The quintessential Apocalyptic tale, available as ebook

With more and more opportunity to get your book published, be it via print on demand, creating your own publishing house or traditionally with an established publisher, ebooks seem a no brainer.

If you were lucky enough not to sign with a publishing house and have managed to market your book relatively well on your own, the ebook is your next step.

Costing you no more than your time, an ebook is pure profit. Of course a site that sells it like Sony, Amazon or Smashwords will take a small cut, you can market the ebook for sale through your own website, or even via an e-mail. There is no cost to deliver the product, print the product or establish a marketing plan beyond that of social networking, which costs $0 dollars.

That being said, your book needs to dig into the niche markets on the web, scanning the linkedin crowd, the facebook groups, the Twitter 'followers'.

The most recent release, a book that needs no introduction in the Apocalyptic genre, The Judas Syndrome, has now become available in ebook format. With the confirmation of a second book of the series in the making, and likely ready for sale as a soft cover come December 2010, the rush to pick up the ebook is overwhelming.

Pick up your own copy today.

For the full Press Release visit:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2060, the end days according to Newton

Apparently, one of the greatest scientists of all time, the man who made sense of the physical world and whose findings remained unchallenged for centuries has been unveiled as a prophet.

Sir Isaac Newton, he who founded the laws of gravity was much more than a mere scientist. He was also a devout Christian, often touted as more knowledgeable of the Bible that many theologians.

He centred on the book of Daniel and Revelations to search for clues of the date of the Apocalypse. Following scripture in Revelations ("no man shall know when the end comes") , Newton hid the manuscripts and in 1727 died his predictions unknown to mankind, for 200 years they were lost, until in 1936 they turned up at Sothebys, auctioned off in London.

He saw the return of the Jews to Israel to be the beginning of the end, this is happening in our time, as are many other Biblical predictions that follow as a precursor of Armageddon.

Read all about the coming Apocalypse in this gripping novel by Michael Poeltl

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Nostradamus Effect - History Channel

Of the last three episodes I've seen, I like it. It's dark and brooding and last nights episode tackled the 2012 dilemma. They offered supporting prophesy from the I-Ching and a couple of pot heads from the 70's that would get messed up and see the future.
Other than that they used the Maya long count calender (as they all do) and the Hopi Indian prophesies of the end of the fourth world (in which we currently exist) and of course our old friend Nostradamus.
It's all starting to really blur together now though, all these 2012 (End of the World) shows. Same 'experts' and the same prophesies. I'd love it if a show actually gave us something new to think about. Or how about something positive? Does the world need to end badly? Couldn't the end mean the beginning of something wonderful? I mean, the world's always been a tough - if not horrible place to live for the majority of the populace. Maybe the end of that would be a good thing... So maybe it will be a good thing?
Either way, it seems even the Internet 'bots' are saying bad things will happen in 2012. Well, bad things happen every year, but so do good things.

If you love the genre, read the quintessential Apocalyptic drama:

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's the End of the World... Do you know where your children are?

The world you knew is gone. You are gone. As a parent you worried briefly about your teenage child who had gone on a camping trip amidst a global threat. The threat realized, dozens of nuclear missiles unleashed upon the planet, your child returns home from a remote setting in the north woodlands with their friends to find you gone, and the majority of their small town burning.
The city, 150 miles to the south is all but a smoking hole in the ground and the surrounding boroughs, villages and towns that stretch north for hundreds of miles are radioactive and smoldering. Survivors roam the streets, fighting each other for food and supplies.
Your child and their friends find shelter in a house just outside the town limits. A safe house, powered by a generator, with its own water well.
14 of them, fresh out of high school, with dreams of college in the fall. These children, your child is forced to survive the unnatural effects of a nuclear fallout and winter. What horrors will they encounter? What trials will they be forced to endure? What hope will they find in a world that has all but disappeared?

How will it end? Read the new work of Apocalyptic fiction from author Michael Poeltl. read The Judas Syndrome

Monday, January 11, 2010

2012, the movie - sucked

Wow, I finally saw the movie, 2012 and was so unimpressed...
The story was awful, and horribly acted. The acting was truely that of a blockbuster. Garbage.
The story was weak, weak, weak, also a side effect of a supposed blockbuster.

As someone who follows the genre, I have to say this was not made for me. This was made for the masses. It didn't even need to have 2012 in the title, as there was virtually nothing linking the end of the world to the Mayan calender. They used it for its panic inducing ability to draw the crowds.

A massively disappointing movie with some cool effects. Glad I didn't pay the big bucks to see it in the theatre.

Wood Harrelson, he was funny, I guess the comic relief in an otherwise dismal story line.

I can't take away stars from a movie, but if I had to give it something out of 100 stars, it would sit at 1.


Want to live the end times through an actual story? visit